Xiuli Dan

Research Assistant Professor/Researcher 6

Xiuli’s research focuses on the study of aging hallmarks, mitochondrial dysfunction and mitophagy regulation in aging and neurodegenerative diseases. Xiuli enjoys traveling with family and friends, oil painting and writing in her free time.

Representative publications:

Dan X, Babbar M, Moore A, Wechter N, Tian J, Mohanty JG, et al. DNA damage invokes mitophagy through a pathway involving Spata18. Nucleic acids research. 2020;48:6611-23.

Dan X, Wechter N, Gray S, Mohanty JG, Croteau DL, Bohr VA. Olfactory dysfunction in aging and neurodegenerative diseases. Ageing Research Reviews. 2021:101416.

Yang B, Dan X, Hou Y, Lee JH, Wechter N, Krishnamurthy S, et al. NAD+ supplementation prevents STING‐induced senescence in ataxia telangiectasia by improving mitophagy. Aging cell. 2021;20:e13329.

Hou Y, Dan X, Babbar M, Wei Y, Hasselbalch SG, Croteau DL, et al. Ageing as a risk factor for neurodegenerative disease. Nature Reviews Neurology. 2019;15:565-81.